Mr. President Barack Obama visited India

Strong republic country United States president Obama visited biggest republic country India. He was here for creating employment for its country. He signed so many big deals with the Indian government. His journey started from Mumbai and he stay more than one day their, at that time he gave tribute to the people who killed in 26/11 terror attack. Apart from holding talks with Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and other Indian leaders, he addressed a joint session of the Indian Parliament and possibly visited Delhi. This was the sixth visit by a US President to India since it became independent in 1947. The previous visits were of Dwight Eisenhower in 1959, Richard Nixon in 1969, Jimmy Carter in 1978, Bill Clinton in 2000 and George Bush in 2006. White House officials have been quoted as saying that Obama does not intend visiting Pakistan. During visiting period of India, Obama did so many fantastic things.Obama backs India for UN seat “"I can say today -- in years ahead, I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member", Barack Obama said in an emphatic endorsement of India's bid for a UNSC seat” he has a portrait of the Mahatma hanging in his senate office. And today, US President Barack Obama visited the memorial of the man he has often cited as his inspiration and mahatma Gandhi fan take charkha from the rajghat.US President Barack Obama got past more than a few tongue-twisters like "bahut dhanyavad", "e-panchayat", "Chandni Chowk" to end his address to the Indian Parliament with a resonating "Jai Hind". If there were a few chuckles along they way, they were more in an appreciative mien as the MPs who had gathered to hear Obama listened to an exposition on India-US relations that saw the US president touch on the role of "dalit" leader B R Ambedkar in framing the Constitution and make a case for equal opportunities. Displaying a determination to localize his examples, Obama said India's economic growth was providing avenues to everyone from "a village in Punjab, a resident of Chandni Chowk or one who resides in Kolkata or Bangalore". If there was a language barrier — Obama was prepared to leap over it. At the end I can say mr. Obama won our heart thanks for visiting incredible India and we always welcome you and everybody prepare to give you great welcome like we did.