Love Your Readers...They Do Exist! by guest blogger Denise Wy

I am currently working on my 6th novel and it was supposed to be a short one. I have already planned the whole story in my mind that the characters themselves seem to become real people in my head. But then, the inevitable happened. I suffered another serious case of writer's block and I ended up staring at the ceiling for hours, which I personally don't recommend anyone to do.

So with spare time in my hands and extreme boredom nagging me to do something, I immediately resolved to do what I first fell in love with. Art. I went online and checked for any freelance jobs I could crash into in order to rewire my literary circuits. To my surprise, I ended up designing a lot of logos for different companies that I forgot that I was supposed to be working for my novel! But what the hell! I love what i'm doing! So there goes the days where my creative juice kept on overflowing until the inevitable came... yet again...(ominous dark clouds approaching!) Artist does exist and a lot of artist around the world can support that. I tried looking for inspiration by browsing online portfolios, watching movies and another round of staring up the ceiling. (okay, that is fast becoming a habit!)

To cut the story short, I ended up bumming around the house, until I checked my mail later that day... 

I received a comment on my website, and to my surprise, it was from my reader! (someone actually reads my books!}
He said that he loved my first book and that he told me to pursue my writing career! (Wow! did he knew what I had just gone through this past few days?)

So the moral of the story especially for aspiring writers like me:

Love your readers...they do exist!

Thanks for reading this entry, especially to Naved who had gave me the opportunity to be a guest writer for his blog.

Happy holidays!
Denise Wy