Medical Insurance to Propel the UAE Insurance Market

According to our latest report “UAE Insurance Market Forecast to 2012”, UAE insurance industry has exhibited tremendous growth during the past few years. Despite the global economic slowdown and the weak market sentiments, the UAE insurance industry attained significant growth in 2009; especially medical insurance sector saw notable growth results and uplifted the overall industry outlook. The report further reveals that medical insurance sector will continue to witness impressive market developments with CAGR growth estimated at around 41% during 2010-2013.

As per our research, main reason for the growth of UAE medical insurance sector is the recent law mandating health coverage for expatriate workers and the growing expatriate population in the region. Besides, various other strong fundamental drivers discussed and analyzed in the report will enable this segment to sustain its upward growth trend in coming years.

Apart from medical insurance segment, various other segments are also showing promising future prospects. Accident, Marine, Aviation, and Fire insurance segments have shown tremendous growth in the past and we anticipate that these segments will significantly grow in coming years on the back of promotional strategies deployed by the government.

Further, our report provides extensive analysis of the UAE insurance industry and the factors that will continue to serve as the growth drivers for the country's insurance market during the coming years. The report also provides insight into the role of private players in the rapid growth of the UAE insurance industry.

The report "UAE Insurance Market Forecast to 2012", presents an overview of the insurance market structure and studies market trends to help clients analyze the leading-edge opportunities in the UAE insurance industry. Detail data and analysis help investors, financial service providers, and global insurance players to navigate through the evolving insurance sector of the country. The report also provides deep insight into each of the industry parameters like, key market drivers, emerging sectors in the industry, competitive landscape, and market restraints. Most importantly, the report presents future outlook for all the important aspects of the industry.