Save Hundreds by Ordering Your Next Pair of Prescription Glasses Online

Glasses are such a wonder. They help you see, and choosing the right ones can compliment your face nicely. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive. Quite often, people wind up shopping for glasses not based on what they love, but on what they can afford. There are some options, however, that can take the pain out of buying new glasses.

1. Glasses are expensive! There’s no doubt about it, buying glasses can really set you back. The expense isn’t limited to the frame, either. Special coatings on the lenses, transition lenses and other features can add up quickly. What might have been a two hundred dollar purchase can easily wind up costing you closer to five hundred.

2. Wholesale clubs are one way to save money, but their selection is usually limited. You deserve to have the best of both worlds. You deserve to save money on your glasses and get to buy the frames that you really love!

3. To save money without compromising selection or quality, you have to go online. Buying online will save you a small fortune over the local optometrist, and you can get exactly the right glasses.

4. People hesitate to buy glasses online. They worry that the quality might not be as good, or that they can’t get their prescription. They worry that the glasses won’t fit, or that the glasses won’t look good on them. However, the online stores are experienced in selling frames online, and they are prepared to take care of you.

5. Shop for glasses online with confidence. There’s no reason to fear that the frames you pick won’t work out for you, because the companies want you to be fully satisfied. If the frames don’t look right on you, you can return them! They come out of the same labs as the glasses from local stores, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. You can use the numbers on the inside of your properly fitting glasses to get a pair that fit like a glove. Look on the inside temple for a series of three numbers. An example would be 50-18-140. These numbers provide the company with the width of the lens, size of the bridge, and length of the temple. With this information, you can rest easy knowing that the fit will be perfect. Once you have chosen the frames, simply send in your prescription from your doctor, along with your pupillary distance, and then sit back and wait for your fabulous new, money-saving glasses to arrive.

Whether you want kids glasses, aviator glasses, or that sexy style you saw in a magazine, you can find the perfect look online. All the information you need for fitting can be acquired through your optometrist, and sending in the numbers from your old glasses can ensure a perfect fit. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect because of price. Shopping for glasses online will get you the perfect combination of style, looks, and cost.

Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, an inexpensive glasses and cheap prescription sunglasses retailer.