What Is New In Google Plus

Google social networking hangouts for The Next Level

In addition Google will allow users to socialize through video chat on his new "meeting places of Google." Although not the first time that Internet users see a video service that offers focus groups, which will be the platform of the first social network to do so.

Google Plus could be the future of networking

The recent release of Google Plus, Google's latest venture into the world of social networks has left many people wondering if she may indeed have what it takes to spend up to Facebook. Users who have moved to the network, are already saying that they have fun with Google Facebook released more boring. In addition, Google will be the end of Facebook? With this kind of positive reception, there is certainly a possibility.

Google does not care more social networks with "dens" Feature

News Feeds refreshing does not always seem the more social activities. In addition, however, Google has a feature called "places of residence," which allows users to chat via webcam with friends. Although the concept is not new (Skype and ooVoo video chat have given the group some time), smooth interface, easy to use in combination with a strong social network, places of residence will be featured on Google in a more its kind.

Google Video Chat Plus further

Given the number of efforts have been made to places of Google Plus' ownership of residence up to 10 people can "hang" at the same time -. Someone is trying to go after they are placed on a waiting list for the current speaker in a room is on display at the center of the window displays all the other teams to sit in a row, all along the bottom when .. connected, users can share links to the text conversation typical of any chat program. A little innovation is the ability to watch YouTube videos simultaneously within the same screen. This is the one marked with the places of residence "of new features.

Google worth more venues only

Hang outs is not just a function that those who wish to communicate with friends and family can enjoy, but also business people when it comes to having long-distance conference calls. Although not suffering from some setbacks - Safari browser is given a bit of trouble with the platform network, and any Mac with an operating system Mac OS X 10.5 will not be able to download the plug -in needed - but at the rate there are people having fun, Google seems really worth a try, even if just to make hangouts for a spin.

In this article, you learned about one of the most exciting part in Google Earth Plus Google venues. Meeting places allows groups of users over 10 and video chat together. This is a new feature for creating social networking platforms, and could be just what Google needs to get a leg up on Facebook, currently the social networking platform popular of all time.