The industrial engineering industry in India taken to pinnacle by Engimach India

Ever since its beginning in the 1940’s, the machine tool industry has traced a history of evolution to become the spine of the entire industrial engineering industry in India. As far as memory can trace it, the earliest nerve of the this industry has been the Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT) erected by the Government of India. HMT has been instrumental in promoting the industry and shaping it up in the way it has grown to be today. Enabling the development of technological capabilities and skills within the framework of this sector, HMT had paved the way for the transformation of India into an industrial giant. An event like Engimach celebrates the spirit of such an industrial evolution as well as a veritable revolution that has changed the face of India to a large extent.

Engimech Ahmedabad
With the advent of liberalization and globalization of Indian industries, the Indian machine tool industry was one of the first industrial sectors that were subjected to global competition. Holding the hands of the economic reforms made in the early nineties, there was a marked surge in global machine tools exports which had established the industry as one of the prime forces behind India’s growth as a prominent nation among the world powers. Engimach 2011 and the events of this stature celebrate India’s growing significance in the field of the global industrial engineering industry.

Currently India ranks in the 19th position in the global machine tools production sector with Japan being the 1st. The engineering and machine tools sector of India is considering the foreign suppliers and manufacturers for better growth prospects in the aftermath of the current adversity that had struck the global economic conditions. Engimach India had been of great help to the industry professionals by providing them with a platform to meet and discuss the market status, current demands and the challenging factors.

With a wide range of application in areas such as electrical & electronics, power generation & distribution, robotics & automation, metrology instruments, wires and cables, testing & measuring instruments, engineering, machinery and machine tools industry in India is fast capturing markets in Asia and abroad. Engimach Ahmedabad has a history of bringing together industry professionals from the national as well as international arena. Engimach India has been consistently providing the country with the most apt infrastructure to develop the industry in the best possible manner. In spite of all these developments, it’s a long way that the industrial development in India still has to travel.