The Interliber Show- combating the digital onslaught on books and other traditional teaching methods

Regarded as one of the most prized possessions of the civilized human race, books are a window to the unseen world. Be it an era gone past or a realm of unreal fantasy, the best of the books enliven the very experience of reading them by conjuring up visions before us that take us to a different world altogether. However, they too have a scary cousin much-dreaded by children across the world…yes, you’ve guessed it right- school books! Well, be it story books or curriculum books, fiction or non-fiction, the book industry has caught on pace. And various commercial events such as the Interliber Show are providing it with the much-needed boost.
Interliber show

The commercial sphere of the book industry not only comprises of books but teaching appliances also. All kinds of products, ranging from classroom furnishings, teaching accessories, maps and globes to equipments and kits for geometrical and biological studies, fall under the category of book industry. The interliber provides the kind of international platform that would provide benefit to the businesses and professionals in this industry to a large extent.

With such events and platforms emerging, the authors and writers have also started to gain largely by finding means to connect with the publishers and their target audience all at the same place. The related sectors of book supply and teaching appliances also benefit from these events since these provide them with the perfect platforms to meet and interact with their potential client base. Making extensive connections is vital to any business and more so for this particular industry where communication rests solely on personal contacts and where the need to make your presence felt is really important.

As a growing field that will require much commercial exposure, the book industry has events like the interliber Croatia that are designed to offer the best advantages for the book industry professionals. Relatively, the printing and publishing industry has gained better exposure than the book supply and the teaching appliances industry that is staggering under the weight of growing demands with new educational institutions mushrooming rapidly. These challenges can be effectively mitigated with the creation of more such trading forums as the Interliber Show.

Posing a threat for the book and the teaching appliances industry is the growing online and digital revolution. The dominance of digital products in the market such as the e-books has adversely affected the book industry like none other. However, the Interliber show and such commercial platforms indeed give this industry a reason to smile.

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