Manila Auto Salon- taking the legacy of custom cars further

Manila Auto Salon
An interesting offshoot of the automobile industry is the custom automobile sector. Having its seed of germination in the early 1930’s, custom cars and automobiles for the first time gave the automobile buyers a taste of something different. It gave them a chance to ask for something that was distant from the usual run-of-the-mill car designs. Rising in the 1950’s, George Barris came to be known as the undisputed king of customization in the US. Following the trend set by Barris, there came the “Lowboy Deuce Roadster”, “Ford Coupe” and “51 Merc”, which are some of the iconic cars that have created history. Today, these are coveted worldwide as “vintage” cars. To revive this spirit of automobile customization, many events like the Manila Auto Salon are been organized. These shows not only recount the past but also push the new car and automobile designers to make their imagination run wild. This is the reason why Manila Auto Salon 2011 has been such a huge success.

However, automobile customization is sometimes attributed to giving rise to outlandish designs. In fact, George Barris was also known for his bizarre car models. Recently a new term called “concept cars” has been coined to refer to the custom cars. These cars frequently assume a pride of place at various automobile shows.

Nevertheless, due to lesser commercial viability, they remain just as eye-candies for car lovers. With no practical worth, concept cars are more of publicity generating machines for the car designers and the automobile shows. Manila Auto Salon 2011 has played host to a bevy of beauties (cars, that is!) which have captured the fancy of many a car maniac. However, with an added twist of being practically usable, these cars have changed the way people look at custom automobiles.

At times when a signature style is considered to be high on glam quotient, the option for personalizing one’s car has given rise to a totally new trend. Making way for their more commercially feasible cousins, the more outlandish custom cars are taking a backseat. These new age avatars offer the owners a chance to enjoy a smooth ride while exuding their personal style all the way. Automobiles shows like the Manila Auto Salon helps to build a niche sector for personalized and customized automobiles, as it has done in the Philippines.

As such the demand for car accessories have also gained popularity with a rise in demand for car customizations. Highlighting this case was the Manila Auto Salon 2011 . Here, there was a large showcase of a wide variety of car and automobile accessories that were designed to emanate oomph and style like never before. This is definitely a new genre for the automobile enthusiasts to get busy with.