My Journey to Gun Show Philippines

This is the second time I had an annual Defense and Sporting Arms Show, and this time I brought my camera! Gun show this year was held in Megamall * again * that was a real pain in the ass to get there and find a parking space. Admission to pay $ 80 for adults and $ 60 for seniors. Surprisingly, ensure that children within the reduced price of $ 40. Once inside, you can access all the exhibitors, as well as conferences and seminars scheduled during the day. However, the biggest benefit I think if you have a weapon on the market. Retailers are "price Gunshow", which is presumably very small. Frankly, I do not know if it is smaller than the normal price shop, but do not want.

Megatrade hall was packed! It seems that many people are interested in your arms! Most of them were boys and had a lot of law enforcement and the military to walk, but women is not surprising that many. Warning: This is probably a good time to mention that I am not a firearms expert for everything that trolls the Internet and smart stubborn, I have no interest in having you participate in a game to pee stop reading now and be on your way. For the rest of you, go to this show on the road.

The first box near the entrance was local arms manufacturer Arms Corporation of the Philippines or Armscor short, which is probably one of the most popular brands here in the Philippines. They make a lot of variants of 1911, but I'm not really interested in them to jump on the photos. You will find that most stores carry weapons or face Armscor not very exciting for me. Other stores were reminiscent of the shops around Camp Crame, so skip those too. However, I noticed a lot in the response (ESS as jackets, shirts, goggles) sold as true so be careful when removing things.

There was a stall in Gun Show Philippines dealing with the lighting of the vehicle. They coaxed out of this cycle of police lights Honda profusely. Wonder if this is actually in use. Ok, it's more like it. The M4 system is adorned with a rail interface system is vertical grip with built in flashlight and surprise * * what looks like an Elcan C79 range. Not sure if it's real Elcan or a copy yourself.

Some parents have begun to 'em young. I have no problem with children in gun shows, but not too fond of them collect the bad habits of safe gun. Also, do not damage the barrel of the gun if the interior arrange them in this way?

One thing I realized how many people are in the Defense & Sporting Arms Show is not a good gun safety. I realized people weapons arms, pulling triggers, putting his finger on the trigger when handling the weapon and the weapon aimed primarily around people. A display, including a policeman told me (or maybe someone claiming to be a cop - you know what that is) had a gun again after the inspection with the barrel pointed at him. For those of you interested in firearms, always remember that these rules.

  • 1.Treat all weapons, if they are loaded.
  • 2. Never point the gun at something that is not willing to destroy.
  • 3. Keep your finger on the trigger until you intend to fire.
  • 4. Always be aware of the foreground and background.

This tactical option (Tacops), which is a set of tactical local tailors in the country. Use imported materials, and create a variety of tools and customized RTW. I have a lot of my bags in my jacket in Cordura MOLLE Interceptor type with them. Some of the local elite units use the stuff. The downside is that they are highly expensive and Paranaque.

I was lucky, because people stand crews allowed me to deal with P90. This time the boy took the image from my head. Thanks man! So, and forgiveness difficult to organize. So that is. Remember to keep their weapons and ammunition before 2012, or the Apocalypse zombies. Interested in going next year?