Dubai Is Ready To Attract More International Autumn Trade Fair Visitors

The 26th Worldwide Fall Enterprise Reasonable (IATF11) determined with the number of deal visitors traversing 11,000 including 20 percent from the GCC nations around the world.

The managers have declared that the next release of IATF will be held from 13h until Fifteenth November of 2012, and 50 % of place has already reserved.
IATF Dubai

Officials from the taking part organizations were positive about the individual items market in the UAE and stated fulfillment at the opportunity to network with key players.

Indian organizations clinched multi million dollars deal during the three times of the display, an indicator that the individual items deal in the UAE remains economic downturn proof, according to S S Chawla, a Former Person Consultant & Commissioner at the Secretary of state for Finance, Government of Indian.

Chawla, the Person Manager of Assocham from the American native Indian Pavilion who brought 35 organizations to IATF 2011, out of the 40 American native Indian organizations taking part, said: “The size of the American native Indian organizations came to the UAE for the first some time to they stated an eager desire to develop business jewelry and set up offices in the country and they said that IATF is a top-notch display that works as a screen to the individual deal market in the location.”

Chawla added: “The display has started out doors to a whole new particular certain dog of partners and customers, and made the American native Indian presence in the display major. This location symbolizes a screen to multiple sub markets that enable us increase our footfall in the coming period.”

International Autumn Trade Fair Dubai
Satish Khanna, Common Manager of Al Fajer Information & Services, said: “In the 26th season, IATF has efficiently surfaced as a leading buyer-seller meeting ground for the individual items section. We saw plenty of new organizations wanting to grow impact in Middle Eastern and North African-American (MENA) location.”

The 26th International Autumn Trade Fair Dubai release the Worldwide Fall Enterprise Reasonable presented around 500 participants from 25 nations around the world. The display, rated as one of the more popular general deal gatherings in the location running in its successful 26th season, was spread over 13,000 square measures of place.

This season, the sensible performed host to formal country wide pavilions of eight nations around the world, taking up 80 % of display place. The country wide pavilions included 225 participants from The china, 35 from Hong Kong, 11 from Singapore, 35 from The Philippines, 15 from Iran, 20 from Chicken, 40 from Indian and 15 from Malaysia. Chicken and Indian have took part in for initially. The other nations around the world taking part at individual level was Asia, Philippines, Italia, Taiwan and the Holland.

On the other hand, The Worldwide Design Jewelry & Components Reasonable and Worldwide Watch & Time Reasonable revealed good footfall throughout the three times.

Khanna added: “IFJA and IWCF remain the region’s only specialized and devoted gatherings for fashion ,costume , silver Jewelry, gold coated, products as well as all kinds of watches and lamps.”