Organic Products Expo MENOPE 2011 Is Set To Open In Dubai

Middle East's only display for natural and organic items, Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo accepted as a successful state buyer-seller meeting ground for the last nine decades, will open its doors to trade visitors on December 5, 2011 with over 100 participants from over 25 international locations enjoying the market display.

In a report, managers of the 9th edition of the market display, Worldwide Links LLC said that this seasons It comes when the pace of retail development in the normal items industry in the U.A.E and the location has been reported to be continuously growing over the last few decades.

Menope Dubai
"This is certainly an indication that there is considerable and noticeable increase in appreciation towards these items irrespective of economic periods. This changing trend is also catalyzed by the increasing number of individuals in the location opting for a health-conscious regimen of diet drove by a rise in knowledge of the benefits of people, ecological development and environment-consciousness" said Eng. Nadim Al Fuqaha, Managing Director, Worldwide Links, managers of Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo.

The expo will run from December 5- 7 2011 at the Dubai Worldwide Meeting and Exhibition Centre. In line with MENOPE's requirement to create knowledge on normal items, this seasons display will also feature classes and meetings.

MENOPE Dubai is recommended by the Dubai City. It is recognized by Worldwide Federation of Normal Farming Movements (IFOAM), Belgium, Secretary of state for Farming Lebanon, Department of Farming Belgium, Aga Marketing Luxembourg, National Step of Sri Lanka etc.

"Over the decades, Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo has recognized the development of the normal items industry by advantage of offering a significant platform for worldwide organizations to explore, analyze and enter the Center Eastern industry. In the last nine decades many of our contributors have been able to create firm roots in the state industry" Eng. Fuqaha said.

This year also it will host an array of worldwide organizations, some of them repeat contributors, which is a report of the show's salience and appearance in helping organizations create a presence that you can buy, he added.

There is considerable country pavilion response as well at MENOPE 2011 from Luxembourg, Indian, The Philippines, Belgium, USA, Romania, Srilanka, Lebanon, Iran, and Taiwan.

Menope Dubai Show
Highlights of MENOPE 2011 contain the second MEVEG The legislature, a two-day workshop in alternate lifestyle with target vegetarian foods. The The legislature is organized by MEVEG (Middle Eastern Veggie Group) a not-for-profit concentrate body linked to the Worldwide Veggie Union Joined Country and along with Worldwide Links Dubai L.L.C. managers of the display. Other activities contain an once day conference on TCAM (Traditional Contrasting & Substitute Drugs. Prestigious loudspeakers are talking about various interesting subject matter.

The taking part international locations in MENOPE contain the U.A.E, Italy, Joined Country, Belgium, The far east, Thailand, Malaysia and Slovenia, North America, between others.

It will present a variety of items growing across Herbals and Herbs, Food & Products, Cereal Products, Supplements, Wellness Care items, All-natural Dwelling, All-natural and Normal Makeup, Healing Products, Treatments, Common Drugs, Spas, Enjoyment facilities, and Materials.