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World Of Concrete
Probably in a quest to put his nomadic ways to rest, man had always been on a lookout for a solution that would enable him to bind rocks into a solid structure. The Assyrians and Babylonians had taken this search a bit further and had evolved with the use of clay as a binding material. However, they were the Egyptians who had actually discovered the true forefather of modern cement- the lime and gypsum mix and their pyramids stand as a lasting testimony to their engineering genius. The modern man has come a long way with Portland cement and concrete. The trade shows and events related to the building and construction industry direct their focus in these new areas of development and also provide the much-needed encouragement for the industry components to come up with new innovations. The World of concrete is one such event that is reputed to bring the entire industry under one roof to facilitate trade and communication within the sector.

World Of Concrete 2012
An industry that is still evolving, the construction sector makes for the foundation of the ongoing urbanization and globalization. Surprisingly though, the industry has not yet gone global. With no single company having an absolutely global presence, the building and construction market is geographically divided among some major market players, either nationally or regionally. Right form large scale to medium and small scale, companies in this sector come in all sizes. The industry trade shows provide a perfect marketplace and a meeting ground for these companies to network and exchange expertise. The show promises to be one of largest events for this sector by enabling a comprehensive picture of the current status as well as the future strategies of the building and construction industry.

The recent economic downturn, however, had a serious impact on this industry until now when the situation have started turning in good shape. Even during the crisis, the section of the industry that can boast of being least affected is the public works and infrastructure. Events like the World Of Concrete have helped this industry in the time of crisis and still are some of the major platforms to promote this sector.

World Of Concrete USA
Another recent phenomenon that this industry has witnessed is the emergence of eco-friendly building materials that provide the same binding strength but are less harmful to the environment as opposed to those materials used previously. The leading events in the line of the World Of Concrete- USA present these new variants of building materials and help them to penetrate the market segments. In fact, a new term, “Green Building” has been coined to categorize these innovative products that are all set to conquer the market in times to come.