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The interior designing industry of Canada is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and has witnessed graphs of elevating substantial growth. With more and more buildings coming up in every nook and corner in the country, interior designers are in top demand today. Exhibitions like National Home Show are attracting direct foreign investment into the sector by bringing international designers into the country. There are colleges and universities which offer courses in interior designing thereby churning out a large number of students with fresh doses of creativity and ideas in their mind. Trade shows like The National Home Show bring together a variety of innovations and ideas on the table as well.

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The demand for interior designing as a sector has continuously been on the rise as industrialization is a phenomenon that has been least affected by the recession as well as the growing rate of the Canadian Dollar. For the past 10 years, the economy of the country has been observed to be very stable which has resulted in giant advances in the field of interior designing. This also holds true for the increasing number of students who enroll themselves for interior designing courses in colleges as they see a bright professional future ahead. Exhibitions such as National Home Show have always encouraged the visiting of students as well as the older generation alike. Another surprise result that the latest census data in the country showed was that women held about 78% of the interior designer jobs in the year 2006 and such a trend has been seen to be on the rise since the early 90s. This has further reinstated the fact that women have held the designer jobs as they prove to be much more on the creative side when it comes to drawing plans, furnishing bedrooms and choosing between various varieties of blinds and shades. Visitor profile in trade shows like The National Home Show has also shown dominant female gender participation.

National Home Show
As far as the employment section of the industry goes, it is observed that most of them start out their career as junior engineers working as an apprentice to a senior designer. With the passage of time, they get promoted to intermediate designers, senior managers and finally project managers in a firm. The National Home Show has always encouraged interactions that have helped interior designers find solutions to some of their problems. After gaining enough experience, they even set up their own offices and firms. A survey report in the year 2006 showed that 39% of all the interior designers in the country were self employed. National Home Show, a premier interior design exhibition in the country offers an informative experience especially to the passing out graduates from various colleges. With the boom in the construction sector expected to continue even more, the interior designing industry does not face any real challenge and is therefore expected to witness even greater developments in the future.