Thanks for the kind words cook “If it was not for this tour, I never would have left the hotel tonight”

Sam cook has sent me mail tonight saying these kind words and I want to share it with you.

The following email cook sent me.

So the whole point of my tours, especially our pub crawls, is to be social. The magic of a pub crawl is seeing the cool local bars with real history, and sharing it with other people from all around the world. People really "glow" when they travel because they are in a brand new environment. Everything is new, and we thrive off of unique experiences. Well, when I first started the company, we had some nights where we didn't have that many customers. On one particular night, I showed up to a tour where we only had one person booked on a pub crawl! I advertise our tours as a social tour, so I was preparing to offer her a refund because there was only one guest on the tour - and that surely is not very social. Well, I met her and Jason, my tour guide, and she turned to me with tears in her eyes (Oh no, I thought!)... She was a young girl from Australia, and Australian women love to travel alone for some reason... "I have seen all of New York City this past week, but every night I have been afraid to leave my hotel room." She continued, saying "Thank -you so much..." "If it wasn't for this tour, I never would have left the hotel room tonight." So Jason and I took her on the pub crawl, and we had a great time trading stories and enjoying the nightlife scene of New York City. I realized that no matter how small the group, we all crave that safe social interaction, especially when we are far away from home. So for my pub crawls, I pick only my most social, engaging guides. The type of people that can relate to anyone, of any age. On one pub crawl I ran, I had four guys from England, a girl from China, two New Yorkers, and a 75 year old lady traveling by herself from California! And the Grandmother was the life of the party! I had so many girls come up to me and compliment me for taking my grandmother out drinking with me. When I told them we were on a pub crawl, they were hooked! So the pub crawls are structured to show you the best bars in the best neighborhoods in New York City. The East Village Pub Crawl takes you through three of New York City's oldest bars, including the most photographed and filmed bar in America, the bar that is a favorite for celebrities from John F. Kennedy to Adam Sandler (who our pub crawl ran into just last week), and the oldest bar in New York City that is a time capsule to a bygone era of Irish drinking establishments that were family owned and served simple local ales. The Hell's Kitchen Pub Crawl takes you through New York City's infamous gang neighborhood that Rudy Giuliani and the NYPD finally tamed in the 1990s. Now very safe, you can still see the working class bars that the famous "westies" gang used to use as their headquarters. The West Village Pub Crawl takes you through New York City literary and music history. See the bars that artists used to gather in to trade their art and music to form some of the art of the beat generation and the turbulent 1960s. Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, and the list goes on... When I really fell in love with New York City, it is when a friend of mine took me to the bars that I would not have found on my own. I marveled as I went into these places, and thought, "there has to be a way to show this to more people." So I created our pub crawls to do just that, allowing travelers to experience the best New York City Bars, meet new people, and go home with a story.