Chicago Personal Injury Law Attorneys To Thank The Bike Path

Our lawyers in Chicago wounds were delighted to hear that Chicago protected bicycle path will be first installed on Kinzie Street. The Chicago Tribune, "a special type of bicycle, called a cycle, will be tested on Milwaukee Avenue between Kinzie and Wells Street, a half-mile stretch of which is used by many cyclists who travel to the central area."

Chicago cyclists often have to cycle on the defensive, take special care to be "swing" of the drivers of parked cars, say the personal injury lawyers in Chicago. While many "dooring" Chicago personal injury were not followed until recently, are a very real danger of cycling in the city. A dedicated bike lane to help eliminate "dooring" dangers.

"Cyclist cyclists separate the traffic of motor vehicles typically using a splitter, such as building a wall, window boxes or raised concrete median on the left side of the bike lane only. (This is a pilot project, a Flexible posts will be installed.) Pavement cycle may be right on the road, but all motor vehicles, whether moving or stationary, is located on the left side of the barricade relationships "tribes.

It was the hope of the Chicago Department of Transportation that the new runway will be completed before June 17 in time for Chicago "Bike to Work Day".

Bicycle lanes in other cities, like New York, were received with enthusiasm and success. When people are not afraid to ride in the city, cyclists can enjoy it for what it should be - a hobby or sport - without worrying that you will need to contact a personal injury lawyer in Chicago.

Meanwhile, the personal injury lawyers in Chicago invites cyclists to use caution when cycling in the city. It includes wearing the appropriate protective equipment, the bike is serviced, and is hyperaware of the surrounding environment and anticipate the risks, such as "dooring".

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents occur, even in the exercise of extreme caution. If you or a family member have been injured through no fault of your own bike, contact a personal injury attorney in Chicago now. A qualified legal help you receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages so that you can work on recovery and enjoy biking safer in the future of bicycle lanes dedicated as the prototype Kinzie Street.