Chicago Wrongful Death Due To Accident Filed Under Landed Amputee Wheelchair On Lake Michigan

Following the Chicago wrongful death was filed against James Lacy. He is the man who was pushing 61 years Sarah Goen in a wheelchair outside the Columbia Yacht Club, on the night of April 8, when it fell into Lake Michigan.

Goenne and Lacy, 59, left a party at the club, when the two accidentally fell into the water. Rescuers pulled two of the DuSable Harbor, and were transported to hospital. Lacy's has survived the accident but died a few days after Goenne.

The office of the Cook County medical examiner said her death was due to bronchopneumonia and septicemia. Amputation of his right leg after a car accident and spina bifida were listed as secondary causes of death.

Chicago wrongful death complaint accuses wheelchair Lacy and unattended and had no proper lookout. The claimant, Martha Banti, is seeking more than $ 50,000.

Cook County wrongful death

A wrongful death lawsuit can occur when a person dies and another person was legally at fault. The "responsible" does not intend to cause or make go directly to the victim. There may be more than one party to take responsibility.

Even the victim's family may have the opportunity to seek economic damages (medical expenses related to the death, funeral / burial / cremation expenses), loss of income / benefits / assets, and / or services), non-economic damages ( pain and suffering of the family, mental anguish, loss of love / social / loss of the company of the deceased protection / care / advice / guidance, assistance / education dead, and / or loss of consortium), mental damage.

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