Explore Yourself With India International Mega Trade Fair Kolkata

The INDIA INTERNATIONAL MEGA TRADE FAIR (IIMTF 2011) is one super event of Kolkata dealing zone. It is a multi section display where many foreign countries like Ghana, Pakistan, The red sea, and Thailand are also engaging such as American native Indian. 

The BCCI is pleased to inform all the Bhutanese organizations, organizations and businesses that the G.S. Marketing Contacts one of the leading manager of Enterprise Gatherings in American native Indian is planning the next INDIA INTERNATIONAL MEGA TRADE FAIR which will be held at the Research Town Surface, Kolkata from Fifteenth to Twenty fifth of December 2011.

The main objective behind this Reasonable is to advertise business jewelry among Bhutan and American native Indian and to advertise Bhutanese items in American native Indian. For this they accomplish one to one event with Bhutanese entrepreneur and American native Indian business houses, vendors and suppliers at the conference area at the area.

Therefore the BCCI would like to request all the interested Bhutanese organizations, organizations and businesses to please engage in these above mentioned fair cause this is the best chance of every organizations and organization to display your products or services in American native Indian and also a chance to use possibilities of purchases, source development, tactical partners, social networking and so on.

 This is a fantastic occurrence for the professionals and stores as this IIMTF fair offers them a large selection and opportunity of dealing. This can be called a common foundation for producers, professionals, importers & exporters, and the end-consumers. This is a very significant occurrence for the company and business of our metropolis as well as country. The occasion is setting a landmark for our national economy in the international arena.

Products such as Consumer items, Outfits FMCG, Home Appliances, Furniture & Pieces of furniture, Food & Products, Gift & Novelties, Artificial Jewelry, Crockery Utensil & Ceramics, Medical, Leather Goods, Solar items, Personnel care, Fitness Gadgets, Educational aids are available here at Research Town Reasonable Surface. People, Enterprise Decision Makers, Designers, Interior and Exterior Designers, Suppliers, Retailers, Importers and Exporters, Retailers and General Public is the target readers.

The India International Mega Fair Kolkata fair is getting good footfalls daily. Last season it was over three lakh paid visitors; this season the managers are generally expecting more than that and they are also very much sure that these large readers will generate business of several crores for the participants.