See Unexpected Growth In Agricultural Sector With Agro Eurasia

This is one of the greatest item of farming around the world. From 15 to December 18, 2011 in Istanbul, will feature all the latest improvements and new technological innovation in farming herbs, issues, chicken, and producing of farming and issues items, take advantage of and all pet products.

It is a report- "passport" not only for the Turkish market but also for the complete Eurasian location, which allows contributors and readers to discover the needs and attributes of these areas and make direct connections with customers, create new business interactions and partners, create items and goods and improve their generation features.

In last seasons event involved 244 companies-exhibitors from 23 nations around the world including: USA, This particular language, Indian, Malaysia, Holland, U. s. Business, American Samoa Italia Asia Luxembourg, Eire, The Philippines, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Location, Israel, Chicken, The far east, Switzerland, Portugal, Finland and Sweden.

Tin frequented by 31,652 readers from 44 nations around the world namely Location, Bahrain, Syria, Australia, The red sea, Palestine, Macedonia, Holland, Atlanta, Kosovo, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Belgium, Iran, Serbia, Turkish Republic of South Malta, Ukraine, Italy, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, The other agents, Denmark, Malaysia, Finland, This particular language, U. s. Business, Indian, Israel, Libya, Kuwait, Romania, Lebanon, Algeria, South America, Iraq, Pakistan, The Nike Jordan, Senegal, Egypt, Yemen, Uzbekistan.

The significance of the document is in the fact that each year provides together the best producers, producers and vendors from around the world. The Agro Eurasia protects the complete array of activities with regards to farming and issues generation, the most contemporary methods of Farming results and submission of completed items.

The exhibitors profile
In Agro Eurasia Fair contributors visiting from:

- The farming equipment and services
- Fertilizers
- Place protection products
- The vehicles, farming devices and new technologies
- Starting, saplings and horticultural
- Natural and organic Farming
- The green technologies
- The product smells and the required infrastructure
- The use of water and cleansing systems
- On Gardening
- The issues generation and the modern
- The poultry
- Farming and producing of egg, take advantage of and all pet products

The visitors Profile of Agro Eurasia :
In terms of readers come from:
- Public organizations and institutions
- Universities
- The agro-industry
- The Agricultural Machinery Industry
- The materials market and packaging
- The textile
- The seed market, plants sprouting up, plant foods and pesticides
- The cleansing industry
- From Universities Veterinary
- From the market players
- The Economics
- Logistics-Security
- Dairy

The document structured the display middle TUYAP Reasonable Meeting and The legislature Center, will use up an area of 98,000 sq.m.It is great opportunity for anyone interested in nearing new, powerful and nearby areas.