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Arab Health
The healthcare sector is one of the most booming industries of the Middle East. The sector has undergone huge development in the past years. The industry contributes hugely towards the economy of a country. It is, in fact, considered that the advancement of a country shows up in the healthcare facilities available with it. Medical facilities available in the Middle East countries are of remarkably high quality and the sector is drawing a large number of people from all over the world for treatment. High scale events like Arab Health are being organized to add a momentum to the growth of this sector.

Middle Eastern countries have extensive markets for almost all sorts of products and services related to the healthcare. Not just this, with the flourish in the economy of these countries a huge development has taken place in the medical infrastructure as well. With the high increase in population due to coming of emigrants from different countries a growth had started in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector grew upto about 100 billion USD as per a report of 2007 and the growth is expected to have increased manifold by now. The success of events like Arab Health that brings to the limelight the development and innovations made in this sector proves the popularity of this sector in the Middle East.

The hospitals and different healthcare units of Arab can match standards of any similar organization of the western countries. This has led to a trend of foreigners coming to these countries for treatment which has, in turn, has given rise to services like medical tourism. The highly advanced medical technologies have taken the Arab healthcare industry to the heights of excellence. There were just 7 public hospitals in UAE in 1970. But today the region boasts of more than 112 private and public hospital of world class quality. Dubai healthcare city is a unique example of its kind catering to varied medical problems. Additionally, the organization of events such as Arab Health Dubai in these countries is also instrumental in fostering growth and prosperity within this sector.

Arab Health Dubai
The Middle East countries, especially UAE, are amongst the richest countries of the world. The growth in economy of these countries has led to an improved infrastructure and in this area the healthcare sector has made huge progress. A wide variety of treatment is done in UAE. Medical disciplines like homeopathy, aesthetics, nutrition, anesthesiology, osteopathy, dentistry, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine etc. are studied and practiced in this region. Arab Health 2012. and events of this sort bring the advancement of this region in healthcare in front of the world. It can be expected that, with the developments that are taking place and the measures that are being taken to spread awareness, this sector will be attaining higher growth in the years to come.

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