PGA Merchandise Show Profit Driving Golf Power

PGA Merchandise Show
In everyday manner of speaking, golf is considered to be the game for corporate executives and for the competitive sports professionals. With world today becoming a global village, even a sports novice knows about golf, though one might not be playing it. With an elite hint to it, the game of golf is much played by the rich, the royals, the white collared executives and professionals and enthusiasts from the upper middle class. Often played on a professional basis, this sport has the maximum number of pan-continental tournaments with the highest amount of prize money. For example the US PGA tour, the European PGA tour etc.

The game of golf has been the cause for the growth of golf equipment and merchandise industry. Whenever a golf tournament is held, it has much fanfare promotional events like PGA merchandise show to go along with it. These complementing activities include selling golf merchandise, hosting corporate get-together, offering club entertainment packages for prime customers etc. Traditionally, this sport-based industry had its customer base in either Europe or the North America. In a contemporary paradigm shift, the trend analysts see the present rising market in the hitherto untouched Asian countries. In this regard, the KPMG survey of 2009 forecasts a phenomenal growth of the golf-based industry in Asia due to the rise of middle class with buying power in the populous markets of India and China, alongside the world media highlighting the success of professional golfers from South Korea. It is also perceived that the South American country of Brazil offers significant potential. Meanwhile, the traditional market s in the USA, the European countries are either downsizing their businesses, or making turnaround adjustments in terms of being choosy in selecting the right products. Often merchandise shows such as the PGA merchandise show play vital role in sustaining golf events to be a profitable and a buoyant industry.

PGA Merchandise Show 2012
In the past, when one spoke of golf merchandise, a golf-enthusiast would recall the traditional visual of buying a unique golf driver and a set of irons. Of course, the semi-formal apparel and the footwear, the range-finder also figures as the much- remembered equipment. But these days, the golf-enthusiasts can remember either golf lessons, or a golf ball. Interestingly, they do not remember buying a whole set of clubs or a golf driver in the recession driven recent times. Interestingly, the economic downturn in the many developed countries has made an impact on the way the business of golf equipment selling is done. In such times, events like the PGA Merchandise Show, which is co-located with the US PGA Merchandise Show 2012 becomes a great opportunity for merchants and manufacturers to solicit business, make new contacts, and explore uncharted territories. In context of the Asian markets, tour events such as Asia development tour, Japan golf tour are equally important business opportunities for golf merchandise. To reach the global customers, the golf merchandisers are resorting to online marketing with multiple delivery options and outlets. Thus, one can say that for the present day golf-scenario, playing it well and marketing its merchandise go hand in hand.