The Home Industry Comes Home To Fencetech

Home is where the heart is goes an oft quoted maxim that holds true especially now when the home and gardening sector is not just showing significant signs of recovery from the onslaughts of one of the worst economic downturns in the history, but is also charting new areas of growth.

Fencetech 2012
As an industry that rolls the home building, renovation, gardening and the decking sectors, all in one, the home and gardening industry is deemed as one of the most expansive sectors in the world. Quite understandably, this sector had always offered a secure and a steady promise of commercial growth and viability. Sounds period? Well, if we look at the statistics, the per-recession times have seen the home industry at an all time high with more than one-third of the market share while post-recession, the market for home building and renovation sector had plummeted 30 percent from its peak. Also worth mentioning is the decking and the fencing sector of the home industry that is witnessing a rise in its sales after the financial crunch. Events and trade shows pertaining to the home and gardening sector such as Fencetech come first in pointing out these trends to the industry components.

The decking industry, in particular, also comprises of segments that deal with fencing and railing. As an industry that is in a direct relationship with the fields of home decoration and outdoor and indoor designing as well, it becomes highly imperative for the industry to constantly remain on its toes with innovating new techniques and products to cater to its consumer sectors that have high demands of creativity. This is the reason why, high profile industry events such as Fencetech 2012 play a pivotal role in enabling an exchange of expertise and newly developed trends from across the world.

Another important survey that was conducted has shown that decks giving in contribute to a high percentage of people being killed or badly wounded. This statistics had captured the attention of the decking professionals as well as experts and had thus given rise to the standardization of deck construction safety measures. Rules under these standards require a strict inspection of deck construction and make it a mandate for the industry to follow these guidelines. Top industry events such as Fencetech promote this idea and make sure that the transactions and business deals are held within their territories keeping in mind these rules and regulations.

As the home and gardening industry, particularly the decking and railing sector propel towards a promising future, it is but natural for the related companies and the industry professional to look forward to a brighter future.